Saturday, December 31, 2011

happy new year

can't believe we have entered the year of 2012! 
so much has happened in the past year including the start of this blog. i started the blog with a lot of hesitation back in october, but with every new follower and comment i'm happy her imajination entered the blog world. 
so today, i wanted to thank ALL of you for your lovely, sweet comments and for following her imajination. 
i can't wait to share my 2012 imajinations! 

well..i'm off to jump on my flight back to LA! 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

beige.forest green.lace

dress-alexander mcqueen|stocking-wolford|purse-vintage chanel|shoes-ysl (black version here)  

when i was a little girl i was never a fan of stockings. i always found it to be uncomfortable and itchy! but now...i love them! 
i find stockings to be one of the simplest solutions to revamping any outfit. they come in so many different colors & patterns that you can quickly go from chic to sexy to elegant. 
so if you have an outfit you can pair stockings with i say you should definitely give it a try!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

merry christmas

vest-alexander mcqueen|sweater-theory|skirt-armani exchange|stockings-wolford|necklace-f21|shoes-jimmy choo

apologies for being MIA. i traveled to seoul last week and have been busy spending quality time with the family and have been jet lagged. is over for me, but wanted to wish those who haven't celebrated it yet a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

new possession: brian atwood's paramour ankle booties

when i first saw these booties it was love at first site!  

i usually never buy suede shoes or bags because they are high maintenance but this one was hard to pass on.  
 it was the perfect burgundy (i've been looking for burgundy shoes for awhile)...the perfect heel...the perfect platform...the perfect zipper...and it had the perfect amount of the leather embossed snakeskin and suede contrast. 

did i already say p-e-r-f-e-c-t

there isn't one single thing i would change on these booties! 
 but i do wish these came with an invisible shield so they never get bruised or scratched! since this wish will never come true i'll just have to be super careful!

p.s. if you see me prancing around in these please please please don't step on or kick my perfect burgundy booties. 
thank you!

Monday, December 12, 2011

weekend @ abbot kinney

here is a mini snippet of my weekend spent on abbot kinney:

brunch @ tasting kitchen: when gjelina is packed this is my alternative 
yummy bloody mary: i just got into drinking bloody mary's and now i'm HOOKED!!
savory steak & eggs: my brunch plate

cute boutique 'firefly': great place to find unique gifts. they have everything from cute cards, jewelry, candles, books, clothes, etc 

cup of joe: love the 'black cat' 

cake stand galore: if a cake stand heaven existed it would be this place! they have cake stands in ever shape & size! i think this would be the perfect gift for friends or family that love to bake! just fyi...this place is definitely not kid friendly ;) 
vintage milk bottles: would love to put some fresh peonies in them for a dining table center piece
antique cake stands: these were my favorite! i wish i baked cakes so that i had an excuse to buy one

hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

oversized sweater: part ii

oversized sweater-vince|jeans-it! jeans|lace up boots-unknown|bag-chanel|bracelet-vintage 

apologies on the major delay on a new post! i accidentally deleted ALL my photos on my memory card and had nothing to work with!!!!!!! i probably had about over a thousand photos that i've accumulated over the year and in a split second it was ALL gone! i didn't think it was possible to get my photos back, but i thought it was worth a try. so i googled, "how to restore accidentally deleted photos on memory card" and there were tons of results. long story short....i was able to restore all my pictures!! even the pictures i purposely deleted all appeared (kinda freaky)! so if you ever accidentally delete your photos you CAN get them back!!
now going back on track....
AGAIN...i can't get enough of oversized sweaters. something about it makes me feel cozier than a non-oversized sweater. i guess it's the extra room :) it gives this feeling of being wrapped in a blanket!
 well...since the sweater is oversized the sleeves were a bit too long so i cuffed them. for my jeans, i usually tuck them inside my boots, but i decided to cuff them as well to give it a more casual look.

happy wednesday!

Friday, December 2, 2011

lust vs must // eyeshadow palette

some of you are probably still trying to get your hands on urban decay's NAKED palette. well...guess what?! add NAKED2 palette onto your list! 
it made it's debut yesterday on urban decay's website and it's already SOLD OUT! so, your going to have to get on their waiting list. it's like the hermès birkin of eyeshadows!

well...i know i won't be able to get my hands on this for awhile so i've found an alternative...sephora's moonshadow 'in the nude'. just like the NAKED2 palette it has a lot of taupe and natural browns.  it comes with 10 shadows (2 shadows less than the NAKED2 palette) and it's only $28! almost half the price of the NAKED2 palette which is a whopping $50!
 what i like most about the moonshadow palette is that the eyeshadows are baked. so they are high in pigment which gives a micro shimmer effect, good for blending and it can be used wet for an eyeliner effect.

if you're on the waiting list for the NAKED2 palette...GOOD LUCK! but, if you get impatient i highly recommend sephora's moonshadow 'in the nude'.

 p.s. if you like more of the deep, dark colors they also have sephora's moonshadow 'in the dark'


Thursday, December 1, 2011

fashion rule

shirt- bb dakota (similar here & here)|tank-vince|leggings-theory (get here)|sunglasses-super|bag-ysl

i've always had this fashion rule where i don't expose my derrière unless the pants i'm wearing have back pockets. i just feel too exposed back there if i don't have pockets! so, when i'm wearing leggings you'll NEVER find me wearing a top that isn't long enough for a cover up. 
this day my bb dakota shirt definitely fulfilled it's duty!  

 what are your fashion rules? im curious. 

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